I am a Los Angeles-based, internationally-published fine art photographer and self-portrait artist. I specialize in uncommon, conceptual imagery. Each image is a piece of visual poetry and an entire world unto itself.

My photos offer the viewer a portal to this other world; an ethereal, dream-filled realm where the impossible becomes possible.

"Sarah Allegra is a photo journalist of fantasy. She and her camera have imbedded deeply within the 'Dream World' of her own imagination. The images with which she returns capture a more subtle and human side of traditionally archetypical characters: princesses, wizards, witches, and even unicorns trapped in girl bodies. To Sarah Allegra, these are not metaphoric creatures meant merely for emotional projection. They are unique individuals who's portrait she means to paint. Thus she creates a striking duality of surrealism and intimacy. Just as Lewis, Tolkien, and Beagle create literal otherworldly characters which become beloved friends and companions, so does Sarah Allegra with her imagery."
--Katie Johnson; model, actor and frequent collaborator.

I sell prints through my Etsy shop; click here to be taken there! All prints are limited editions and come signed and numbered. The amounts, sizes and prices are of each edition are as follows. Please note, prices are per print, not for an entire edition.

10 Small: 8x12 $125
7 Medium: 10x15 $250
5 Large: 16x24 $450

All my prints go through an excellent printer and take approximately a week from the time they’re ordered to the time they get shipped; slightly longer during holidays. They are printed on thick, gorgeous, museum-quality paper with archival inks which pick up the finest details. With proper care, your investment will last for a lifetime!

Quite a lot! I offer blank greeting cards and postcards, Iphone/Ipod/Ipad cases, stickers, throw pillows, shirts and tote bags all through my Red Bubble shop. Click in here to visit my shop! Near the end of each year I collect 12 of my most popular images and create a yearly calendar. No two are ever the same and they're a great bang for your buck!

I'm always on the lookout for models, male and female, over the age of 18 who are willing to get up very early, get messy and uncomfortable for the sake of art! If that sounds like a good time and you like what I do, email me! If you're comfortable with the kind of nudes I have in my portfolio, even better!

If you're an actor looking for something really special to add to your portfolio, you should email me too! Much of what I do is story-telling so actors and I fit well together :)

No. Having other people hanging around while I work really sucks the creativity out of things. However, feel free to contact ANY of the models I have worked with before for a reference!

Yes I do! Rates can vary depending on what you're looking for, so email me and tell me a little bit about what you'd like to see!

You bet! I have always had a deep love for animals - ask my dad to tell you the story about how I discovered the seemingly terrifying Great Danes next door were actually super friendly and loved giving kisses through holes in the fence, or about the time when I started collecting snails from the garden in a bucket to be my “pets.”

I enjoy bringing animals into my work whether it's for a simple portrait of them:

Or something more conceptual:

If you'd like to see your own pet immortalized in an image, send me an email!

Sure! Introspective: A Photographic Quest is my online, eight-week, self-discovery-through-photography course. I learned much about myself when I started taking self portraits and I found the process so therapeutic and healing, I wanted to give that experience to everyone! Each week you get a new theme to explore and portray what it mean to you, such as joy, fear and destiny. While I encourage self portraits since they are so revealing about yourself, it is completely up to you and what you're comfortable with. Whether you're in the frame or not, the image will be a self portrait because it's about who you are.

The emphasis in Introspective is really about creating art which helps you explore yourself. No prior camera knowledge is required; I provide links to articles on shutter speed, aperture, etc, but you could easily just set your camera to auto. This is about holding a mirror up to your core and reflecting that back into the image you create! If you're interested in it, I have a whole page here dedicated to it and you can also read more about it on Udemy, where Introspective is currently hosted. Still got questions? Send me an email!

Click the CV button at the top of the screen for current shows and features!

Currently I live in Los Angeles, CA.

The short answer is yes. The long answer... well, it's long. But I'll try and condense it for you.

I have a disease called, depending on where you live, myalgic encephalomyelitis (or ME for short), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or fibromyalgia (fibro). There's a lot of overlap between them the criteria for them all and I fit the diagnosis for all of them, so I tend to use the names interchangeably depending on whom I'm speaking to. There's also a lot of controversy over whether these are all distinct illnesses or the same thing. When I'm speaking to most people, I use “fibro” since more people have heard of it, but when I have the option, I use ME because it has the most medical definition.

Whatever label you give it, my symptoms are the same. Extreme fatigue, unrelieved by rest, chronic pain, a body which becomes sick and injured extremely easily and takes a very long time to heal. Migraines, insomnia (a slap in the face considering that you're always exhausted), along with a myriad of neurological and auto-immune symptoms. It can range anywhere from mild, where it hardly changes your life, to severe, where you're completely bed-bound and unable to care for yourself in any way. I am considered moderate, and I'm grateful for that.

Part of the reason my shoots with lots of props and costumes take so long to put together is because I have such a limited reserve of energy and physical ability. If I push myself past my limits, I will pay for it dearly, often for weeks.

Currently its causes is unknown, along with its cure and there is very little to even treat it symptomatically. It's poorly funded (male pattern baldness, for example, gets $16,000,000 in funding from the government each year while we get $3,000,000) very misunderstood and many doctors refuse to believe it's an actual, real, physical illness. I have experienced those doctors personally. The good news is that the tide is starting to turn a little. We are getting a bit more attention, a little more funding and there are some people passionately trying to solve the mystery of ME. To do my part in raising awareness about this disease which can absolutely destroy lives, and in severe cases, even take them, I have an ongoing photography series visually portraying what living with it is like.

If you're interested in learning more about it, I have a page dedicated to it along with links to other activists and research groups that you can check out!

Animal rights are a big thing for me. I believe that all living creatures should be treated kindly and humanely. There's never an excuse to mistreat animals and absolutely NO reason countless animals should have to endure the torturous existence they are trapped in at most factory farms. I have a photography series started on this subject but it's still in the very early stages.

My passion for ending the captivity of marine animals in amusement parks such as SeaWorld is also represented in the series.

Isn't she? :) That's her in the self portrait at the top of this page. She is a Silken Windhound, a relatively new American breed. For you dog geeks, the breed was created using mainly borzois and long-haired whippets, using extremely strict breeding standards. This has virtually eliminated many of the health problems from both of the mother breeds. Many Silkens live to their late teens and some make it into their 20's which is unheard of for medium-sized dogs!

My Calantha is my darling, of course, and very smart; she's learned what the camera being pointed at her means. She actually enjoys being dressed up and photographed since it always means being fawned over and fed treats! Pretty much everything I've ever shot at my home or in my yard has a few outtakes of her photobombing the set.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method, which works both on the physical body and on your soul. I am currently certified to Reiki level 2. Its effects on me are similar to regular meditation; it helps to center and ground me as well as help my creativity. I've found it very helpful in my life for many reasons; physical, emotional, creative... pretty much everything is helped by it! I would recommend it to anyone interested, whether you want to go to a practitioner and have a Reiki session performed on you or learn so you can do it yourself!