This is a very special crossover piece between DreamWorld and the world of my DreamWorld series, which portrays the characters who inhabit the land we visit in our sleep.

Here we see a Sleeping Beauty-type character, forced into an eternal slumber by the poisoned smoke which constantly billows forth from the bottle she clutches. The bottle which was supposed to be filled with a healing potion.

Nature is starting to claim her, covering her with a fine lace of cobwebs. If she wakens, she will see what a fragile net they make and that they cannot contain her. But what will wake her? What hero will provide the kiss to break the spell? Will she sleep forever, forgotten by everyone? Each day that passes makes her revival less and less likely. Just as real ME sufferers are left in the shadows, overlooked by modern medicine and often completely forgotten about, we too wait for the magical day when our spell will be broken.

The Microbe Discovery Project is, in my opinion, the best US ME/CFS group. They're crowd-funded and they actively research treatments and cures. No gift is too small. I deeply thank any of you who are able to help our cause!

The Microbe Discovery Project asked its members to make a short videos describing how ME has effected my life so here is mine: